Cleveland Photo Fest

The CLEVELAND PHOTO FEST  is an annual festival of photography in Cleveland/Northeast Ohio, coordinated by The Cleveland Photographic Workshop (in association with Gemini Developers) in collaboration with galleries, museums, and other venues citywide. The festival will take place September-October 2019.  Being a volunteer run 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has been created to showcase photography, provide educational programming, and bring unity within the photography community for photographers and those appreciating the art of photography.

Cleveland Photo Fest

The LEAF Concert Hall

The LEAF (Listening Environmental Arts Forum) is the result of collaborative conceptualization by Brendan Caldwell and Jim Szudy. These lifelong musicians envision promoting civility, sustainability, and peace through listening in music and nature. The LEAF is a highly dynamic educational center that represents the endless possibilities of education reform through the arts.  It's as though The LEAF is a living, breathing organism focused on improving the lives of everyone it touches.

Salon Obscura

Salon Obscura was conceptualized in the spring of 2022 by Anderson Rush for Ingenuity Fest 2022. Roughly 2 dozen 4ft x 8ft studio flats, a 100ft roll of black landscaping fabric, a wide camera lens and a sheet to “catch” the image was all it took to create a gigantic, functioning, 400 square foot camera obscura, the mechanism by which all cameras function. Anderson’s hard work in assembling the piece lead to his idea to make the interior a comforting, quiet refuge from the otherwise overstimulating festival. The viewing area (completely pitch black, as needed for the camera to function) was filled with plush furniture, and participants where encouraged to leave their flashlights off upon entry, using their other senses to find a seat while their eyes adjusted. During the festival, it became clear that there was a social aspect to participants, mainly those already visually adjusted assisting others, upon entry, to find a seat and feel welcomed. Anderson captured a number of images on the Salon Obscura’s camera during its operation, and is working to create a second iteration of the project to be displayed at various locations.